Breath & Rhythm

Breathe in and breathe out in a rhythm. Mindful breathing has the power to heal you in the present time and that is what we want to master. Feel new each time you breathe. Every breath has the possibility to transform you. How can breath be the preparation for anything you do with the body?Continue reading “Breath & Rhythm”

Base Work

The most important work is working on yourself. Head to toe. Mind – body – everything. It’s an everyday journey. It’s the base. Base for everything that comes your way. You’re prepared and clear. You’re alive.


You choose someone and – someone chooses you. YOU are the common factor. If you are clear, then there will be clarity everywhere. What do you choose; who do you choose; how do to choose; why do to choose. Be clear.


Experiencing movement in your body is a concept. It goes way deeper than we think. You can be with yourself anytime. Go away from the chaos around you in seconds. Your body is a force and you can use its power to centre yourself. So learn how to move!